PayPal Ultimate Guide (How To Send, Receive and Withdraw PayPal Funds)


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Have you been wondering on how to get a PayPal account that sends and receives money in Nigeria?

Am happy to let you know you are just at the right page and as we’ve known normal Nigerian PayPal  account can only make payments but can’t receive funds or withdraw to bank

But right in the Ebook below you will know how to create a PayPal account that can :

  • Send and receive money in Nigeria
  • Be used for transactions without the use of VPN
  • Withdraw straight to Nigerian Bank Accounts
  • Send funds as FNF (Family and friends) and GNS (Goods and services)

The ebook will be automatically made available for download once your payment is successful and you can start utilizing this method to withdraw your funds at standard exchange rates instead of selling at cheap rates and even exposed to being scammed.

Bolarinwa Emmanuel


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