My Interest and Overview of Mobile Development

I’m Bolarinwa Emmanuel, a student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure and a WordPress designer and a blogger. I recently picked up coding/tech in the recent years and my goal has been to become a senior mobile developer.

During my initial research of picking a programming language or a framework to learn, I got to know about a few top choices which are Native(Android: Kotlin/Java) or Cross Platform (Flutter/React Native/Ionic). Did my research on the pros and cons of each framework and at least I can say I now have a basic understanding of those programming languages.

Although before I got to know all those framework and cross platforms etc. I made inquiry from one of my friend who does mobile development but Native (Kotlin) which I have even started back then and he told me I should go for flutter, telling me the great benefit it has to offer.

After discovering flutter then I began my research on each programming language and framework possible for mobile development and was able to conclude going for flutter.

There also have been this debate on which framework is best for mobile development and from my research I’ll been able to deduce that flutter apps performs better than React Native apps that making flutter the best cross platform framework for mobile development.

I started learning flutter far back as Feb. 2023 and I’ll say I’ve been able to understand the framework to some extent.

Why HNG Internship?

I got to know about HNG internship through a friend I’ve worked for and goes by the nickname Blard. I’m also optimistic and looking forward to learn more design patterns such as MVVM and clean architecture.

I am also looking forward to scale through and becoming a finalist of the HNG Internship and also looking forward to upgrading my program to premium that guarantees certification and other benefits.