How to Activate Glo unlimited free browsing in December 2019

Glo unlimited free browsing for December 2019

This latest Glo unlimited free browsing for December 2019 is here for you blazing and hot, the steps and instructions is posted here and can be used on all devices be it mobile phones, tablets and laptops e.t.c

On this page we will be sharing the requirements and instructions on how to activate your unlimited Glo free browsing so you can join the winning team of unlimited downloads and surfing.


If you have been following our blog articles you should be aware of our previous guide on how to activate Glo unlimited free browsing for free in which later got blocked when some useless fellow reported the cheat to Glo via their Twitter handle

We won’t be sharing this current one free as we did the previous time at least it will serve followers in Nigeria for this Christmas/New year season Also we don’t want to put much monetization on the cheat to make it affordable.

The requirements and procedures for activating this Glo unlimited free browsing cheat for December 2019 is categorized into two

  • Premium activation
  • Free activation

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How to activate Glo free unlimited browsing for December 2019

Like I have said earlier we have two methods to activate the December 2019 Glo free unlimited browsing which is the free and the premium method.

How to activate Glo unlimited browsing for free

  1. Join our telegram channel here
  2. Add a minimum of 50 members to our telegram channel 
  3. Send screenshots of adding members to admin as a proof and also your valid Glo number

Within few hours the Glo unlimited free browsing will be activated on your Glo line.

Premium method of activiting the Glo unlimited free browsing for December 2019

This method is for those that likes paying for things they needed and are also in need of the Glo unlimited browsing.

Thus to activate it, you need to contact the admin and pay #500 for instant activation and you will be able to enjoy unlimited surfing and downloading for 2days.

Join our telegram channel and contact the admin for more info.

Enjoy while it lasts….

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